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About Oregon Operation Lifesaver

Our Mission

Oregon Operation Lifesaver is a not-for-profit Oregon corporation that is part of an international family of organizations devoted to ending tragic collisions, fatalities and injuries at highway-railroad crossings and on railroad rights-of-way.  To accomplish our mission, we promote the 3 E’s:


Operation Lifesaver strives to increase public awareness about the dangers around the rails. The program seeks to educate both drivers and pedestrians to make safe decisions at crossings and around railroad tracks.


Operation Lifesaver promotes active enforcement of traffic laws relating to crossing signs and signals and private property laws related to trespassing.


Operation Lifesaver encourages continued engineering research and innovation to improve the safety of railroad crossings.

Our History

Oregon Operation Lifesaver began in October 1977, following the lead of the state of Idaho, home to the first Operation Lifesaver, founded in 1972.  In 1978, the national Operation Lifesaver organization was created to provide support for the growing number of state organizations.  In 1986, Operation Lifesaver Inc. (OLI), became an independent non-profit organization.  In 1994, Oregon Operation Lifesaver incorporated, adopted by-laws, elected officers and attained non-profit tax-exempt status as a 501(c)(3) organization.

Since 1977, the number of collisions at public highway-railroad crossings in Oregon as steadily decreased, despite an increases in both train and motor vehicle traffic.  In 1977, a total of 149 crashes resulted in 11 fatalities and 37 injuries.  Those statistics have steadily improved.  Operation Lifesaver’s public awareness program is considered to be a major factor in reducing collisions and incidents involving trains.

 Oregon Operation Lifesaver Today

Today, Oregon Operation Lifesaver is one of 50 states and a growing number of countries with active Operation Lifesaver programs.  Oregon OL is funded almost entirely by voluntary contributions for Oregon’s railroads, and a small amount of grant money provided by the Federal Railroad Administration, administered through OLI.

More than 40 Certified Operation Lifesaver Presenters volunteer throughout the state of Oregon, offering free programs to a wide variety of audiences.  Operation Lifesaver Presenters receive rigorous training and have access to a range of sophisticated curriculum developed by OLI.  OLI is constantly reviewing and improving the materials designed to educated children from pre-school to teens, mature drivers, bicyclists and the general public.  Special programs are available for school bus drivers, commercial drivers, emergency responders, and law enforcement.

Oregon Operation Lifesaver is staffed by a part-time State Coordinator, Claudia L. Howells.  A Board of Directors governs the organization and a Council provides input on the program direction of the organization.  Six Area Coordinators support the State Coordinator and OOL throughout the state. 

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